UNLV - Foevawikkked


UNLV - Foevawikkked CD
KGP presents 20 Years Foevawikkked! The Original Classick EP has been Remastered and is now available on CD for the first time. Contains 3 new Bonus tracks. UNLV is Unholy Niggaz Livin Vital. Ghetto Devil, Darkkk Lord, and D-Evi. With Production and vocals by KGP. Originally released in 1994. Get the remastered Version today!
Official Track Listing:
1. Hades
2. Bloody Sunday
3. Kreepin thru yo Hood
4. In my Eyez
5. Wikkked Wayz
6. Wicked Mentality
7. Death Notice
8. Thou Shall Now
9. Ashez

Price: $4.00

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